Who Votes in YOUR State?

The Census Bureau just released a new interactive application that illustrates voting patterns by state.
• Are registrations increasing or decreasing?
• Are people registered but don’t vote?
• What are the differences in voting by age, race, gender, and education?

The application illustrates the results of the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey which interviews about 70,000 households nationwide on their voting experience. You can look at the patterns for your state and the nation for every congressional and presidential election from 1996 to 2010.

Check it out at: http://smpbff1.dsd.census.gov/TheDataWeb_HotReport/servlet/HotReportEngineServlet?reportid=767b1387bea22b8d3e8486924a69adcd&emailname=essb@boc&filename=0328_nata.hrmlk

A couple of things to pay attention to: to see data for a state, click the “See State” link; when a state is selected you get the same national map so scroll down the page for the state specific data.

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