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The 2020 Census Isn’t As Far Off As It Seems

Most Americans haven’t a clue about the process of taking a national census, the cost and the decade long planning that goes into it. Important decisions on the process, questions, and use of technology to make it easier for all … Continue reading

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Census to Eliminate ACS 3-year Estimates

The Census Bureau has announced their intention to eliminate the American Community Survey 3-year estimates products starting with the upcoming 2012-2014 estimates series. This is an important data produce that well impact small to medium sized communities nationwide. If you … Continue reading

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Rural Internet Access Leaves a Lot to be Desired

Those of you in urban areas with high-speed broadband simply won’t relate to this but for us folks in rural areas, having access to 21st century technology is a challenge. We get Internet service off a satellite or now a … Continue reading

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Who Votes in YOUR State?

The Census Bureau just released a new interactive application that illustrates voting patterns by state. • Are registrations increasing or decreasing? • Are people registered but don’t vote? • What are the differences in voting by age, race, gender, and … Continue reading

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How Much Should I Charge?

Do you have price strategies for determining how much you should charge for your product or service? I received an interesting question from a business entrepreneur. “Where can you find buying statistics on what someone will pay for a product … Continue reading

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Monitoring the Well-Being of our Children – The Kids Count Data Center

In 1948 the Annie E. Casey Foundation was established to help build better futures for disadvantaged children in the United States. Among their many projects and services is the annual publication of the Kids Count Data Book and the on-line … Continue reading

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Personal Income Statistics – What Do They Mean?

Today the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) released their monthly figures on personal income for December. I think they could use a lesson in making their data understandable to the general public. I’ve worked with these data for years … Continue reading

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Demographics and Targeted Marketing

It’s no secret that the advertising and marketing world are heavy consumers of demographic data and track population statistics. Knowing who your customer is and implementing segmentation strategies are critical to most businesses. It’s easy to see how advertisers will … Continue reading

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The Demographics of Internet Users – Who Are We?

Just received a google alert about the release of data from Pingdom on the growth of the Internet in 2011. Fascinating data but there’s something missing – it doesn’t report on who we are. Email usage – huge. Website growth … Continue reading

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Increasing Employment – What Do Firms Need to Make it Happen?

We hear a lot in the media about corporate America sitting on trillions of dollars of cash while the economy is still hurting and unemployment is high. I don’t think many will find an argument there and wonder what it … Continue reading

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