Data for Entrepreneurs

Are you struggling to figure out who your target market is?  Are you worried about whether or not your products and services meet their needs?  How do you put your finger on the information that will increase your sales and income?  I can help you pinpoint your high profile customer and find out where they are.   Is your customer a single mom or maybe a  young couple starting a family, or even a baby boomer with high disposable income?  Age, sex, income, education; all of these factors have an impact on your ability to reach your ideal customer and make the sale.


  • Community profile
  • Location analysis
  • Current and future trends – demographic estimates and projections
  • Census and Data File processing
  • Mapping/geocoding


  • Profiles
  • Webinars
  • Teleseminars
  • On-site training

Read about my services for Public and Private policy makers.

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